LENOVO-QE03 Bluetooth Neckband


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  • QE03Wireless Neckband
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Neckband 
  • Magnetic Waterproof Wired Control in-Ear Earphones with HD Mic

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Easy Controls

The Lenovo QE03 Neckband lets you take calls, switch songs, and even control the volume with just a touch. You can also use your voice assistant on these earbuds. Furthermore, the sweat- and water-resistant (Google/Siri) control design of these earbuds offers a comfortable and secure fit even during workouts.

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Magnetic Clasping Earbuds

Sticking on your neck when not in use, the magnetic way designed on the dual-ear house is convenient for storage around your neck when not in use, freely Wearing and enjoying music anytime.

Comfortable In-Ear Fit

Featuring a 45-degree angle design, these earphones have been engineered for a comfortable fit. As a result, they fit your ear canals easily and do not come off. Also, for a personalized fit.


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