Concept 851 Corded Landline Phone


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  • With Caller ID
  • With Speaker Phone
  • Corded Telephone
  • Includes Clip and HF Speaker
  • Also Includes 3 Step Tilt Angle Display

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Binatone Concept 851 Corded Landline Phone comes with features like M1 M9 One Touch Memory, 3 Step Tilt angle Selectable Angle Display, 50 Caller I.D Memory, and 14 Dial out Memory. This Binatone Concept 851 Phone has HF volume Adjustable, 10 Two touches Fast dialing Memory, and Red Visual Ringer LED. Binatone Concept 851 Phone is equipped with Alarm Clock, Calculator Function, and Date & Time Display. It has Mute Function, Extension Line Jack, and Music on Hold too.

This Binatone Concept 851 Phone is a dependable landline phone you are looking for, this Concept 851 Corded Landline Phone would be a great choice. With features that add an edge to its functionality and utility, this Binatone Concept 851 Phone supports the subjective and objective needs of modern-day telecommunication. Given the present relationship of mankind with communication, it can be easily said that a decent telephone at its disposal is a basic necessity to function in society. Be it for the workplace or home, this phone complements such an important need.

Binatone Concept 851 Phone comes with a 2.7 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase Corded Phone HF Speaker 10 One Touch Memory

  1. C851 Supports a 2-line LCD display screen of this landline phone.
  2. The speakerphone allows you to make a conference call with your junior staff in your office conveniently even from a different place. It also has a toggle mute feature.
  3. This phone can store up to 14 outgoing and 50 incoming numbers so that you can keep track of the call logs.
  4. It Saves 9 of the most used numbers in a one-touch speed dial button (M1~M9).
  5. The red ringer LED keeps you notified when you have missed any calls.
  6. This corded landline phone does not require batteries for operating.
  7. The Caller ID FSK/DTMF auto-select feature lets you decide whether you want to take a particular call or not.

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